A dream. A romance. A love. In Words. I think you prefer when the world "together" means not "a million," but just two.

  Poems to Louis


I was one of the insatiables. The ones you'd always find sitting closest to the screen. Why do we sit so close? Maybe it was because we wanted to receive the images first. When they were still new, still fresh. Before they cleared the hurdles of the rows behind us. Before they'd been relayed back from row to row, spectator to spectator; until worn out, secondhand, the size of a postage stamp, it returned to the projectionist's cabin. Maybe, too, the screen was really a screen. It screened us... from the world.


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Getting rid of her ...

I don't need her. Anymore.
And she does not need me. Anymore.

She used me. In every way you can be used. So she gets what she wants.

Now, she seems to have everything she ever wanted.

Beauty (??)
Prettier friends.
Cooler friends.
A lot of guys who just want to fuck her.

I'm not useful to her anymore so she forgets about me.
Replaces me by some wanna-be pretty, superfical people, who don't have hearts and don't have souls.

They have nothing but each other. They are looking in their poor mirrors minute by minute, day by day.

And the tragedy is: They don't recognize it. Not each other and not themselves.

And now I'm free. Free of her and everything about her that caused me so much pain.

I'm the one who is independet now, missy.
1.2.07 22:03



Maybe I just have to put up with never being in alove again and never being loved ...

or happy ...
7.2.07 22:16

Time to say goodbye

No matter how I put it, the end is near.

No matter how I put it, IT will end.

No matter how I put it, it is time to say goodbye to him.

And to the part of me that is still in love with him.

Goodbye, my lover. Goodbye, my friend.
9.2.07 18:46

The end of all things ...

I don't have the time to be sad.
I don't want to be sad, anymore.

Tonight I said goodbye to him. And I think that's how I put and end to it ...
11.2.07 02:23

I almost died ...

I almost broke my neck a few minutes ago, when I fell off the chair. My neck against the edge of the table.

My neck hurts, but I am alive.
11.2.07 21:03


Da ist dieser unglaubliche Hass gerade ... all diesen Idioten gegenüber.
18.2.07 18:23


Ich bin in Sehnsucht eingehüllt ...
19.2.07 22:26

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